This collection of 10 letters is reproduced here by the kind permission of the Bernadotte Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden.

The assistance of Niclas S Wallin was invaluable in obtaining copies of these letters

The letters are those from Augustus Hare to the Crown Prince of Sweden (later King Gustav V.)

As these letters have been transcribed from Hare's own hand there are, not surprisingly, several words that are virtually indecipherable. In these cases I have either prefaced my interpretation of the questionable word with a question-mark or replaced the word entirely with a string of question-marks.

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1. 29 Piazza di Spagna
Feb. 28. 1879.

2. 29 Piazza di Spagna
March 9. 1879.

3. June 17. 1879.

4. Holmhurst
July 28. 1879.

5. Glamis Castle
August 14. 1879.

6. Holmhurst
Sept. 1. 1879.

7. Holmhurst
Oct 24. 1879.

8. Highcliffe
Christ Church
July 28. 1880.

9. Holmhurst
St Leonards on Sea.
June 18. 1881.

10. Holmhurst
St Leonards
Sept 26. 1884