July 28. 1879.

My dear Prince

You were quite right to open Alwyne Greville's letter. He shall send you a better photograph bye and bye. I am so very glad you like him as I have always been fond of him. He is second son of the Earl of Warwick and brother of Lord Brooke. His direction is

The Honble Alwyne Greville

I should think if you fancied asking him, he would like very much to come over to luncheon or dinner with you at Cowes.

I had a prosperous journey up to London and then went to dine with Mr. James Carmichael and his son on a 'houseboat' in the Thames. Yesterday I saw endless people and dined at Mr. John Lefevres, and today was delighted to reach my little home, where I am already in full work, in absolute silence, and a solitude only broken by occasional visits from my old nurse & the two dogs - Rollo and Teverino. It seems odd to exchange the many interests of London and touring about with you, for Holmhurst, where 'getting in the hay' is the important subject which occupies everyones attention.

I shall look forward to seeing you again on the 7th - for though Mrs. ?Legh has lost a sister in the last week, she does not wish to put off your visit. Beyond that I do not look forward, as it will be hard to part with you entirely

?Your most affecate & devoted

Augustus J C Hare