St Leonards
Sept 26. 1884.

My dear Prince

I have just heard that you are in England, and not more than twenty miles off, at Eastbourne. I venture therefore to write, as I should be distressed to miss the pleasure of seeing you again, if it were possible, and you would allow it. If you would permit one of your gentlemen to let me know if you are staying on at Eastbourne, and if - any day, except next Tuesday - it were convenient to you, I could gladly come over for an hour.

My life, since you last left England, has been a very quiet one, chiefly spent in this little place - my home - where I have several old relations often with me to be cared for. Twice also I have been to Italy and Sicily, and one summer I spent in Russia, and this year was in Switzerland for a month. I was often reminded of days spent with you at Rome, Siena, Perugia &c.

Believe me

Yr affct and respectfully

Augustus J C Hare