St Leonards on Sea.
June 18. 1881.

My dear Prince,

I have heard of you as wandering about in Germany, but I think you must have returned home now, so I can no longer refrain from writing to tell you with what intense interest and pleasure I have heard of your being engaged to be married to one who has always been described to me as the most charming Princess in Europe - as good as she is clever, and of whom I have often heard from my dear Baroness von Bunsen, her daughters, and grand-daughters. I am quite sure such a marriage will add greatly to the happiness of your life, and sincerely hope and pray for every blessing upon it.

I was truly sorry that suring the King's short visit to London, I had not even the possibility of paying my respects to him, as I was in Scotland, in waiting as equerry upon the Lord High Commissioner at Holyrood Palace, who this year was my friend young Lord Aberdeen, with whom my Prince may remember having dined when in London. Lady Waterford also deeply regretted not having the honour of seeing their majesties at Bournemouth or receiving them at Highcliffe, as she was unavoidably detained in the north till after they had left England. She is now at highcliffe as usual, with Lady Jane and Mr. Ellice, who would all wish to unite with me in heartiest congratulations and good wishes to my Prince.

I have not much to tell of my Prince's other friends in England. Poor Lord Cranbrook is in great grief at the death of his youngest son, and lord Salisbury's house has been much shut up this year on account of the death of his Sister. Lady Margaret Beaumont's two daughters are married, one to the future lord Poltimore, the other to the future Lord Brabourne. Lord and Lady Hylton have a house in London and are taking out his very pretty daughter. Alwyn Greville's eldest brother, Lord Brooke, was married the other day in Westminster Abbey to Miss Maynard, a very pretty girl, with 40,000£ a year. Lady Agnes Douglas lives very quietly, but still goes to Rome in the winter, and so does Lady Louisa Legge. Another daughter of the Duke of Argyll is going to be married - to a Mr Baillie Hamilton, without a penny.

I have been partly in London, and partly here, unable from various family reasons to go abroad all winter, but very busy writing.

With 10,000 good wishes

Believe me, my dear Prince's devoted & affecate

Augustus J C Hare

I should like to send my kindest remembrances to M. de Printzsköld, M. de Lillehook and M. de Krohn.