The Life and Letters


Maria Edgeworth





Childhood of Maria Edgeworth - Death of her mother, and marriage of her father to Miss Honora Sneyd - Death of Mrs. Honora Edgeworth, and marriage of Mr. Edgeworth to Miss Elizabeth Sneyd - Life at Edgeworthstown


Letters from Maria Edgeworth, from Edgeworthstown, Clifton, and London, to Miss Charlotte Sneyd, Mr. and Mrs. Ruxton, and Miss Sophy Ruxton.

Journey to Clifton Dr. Darwin, Mrs. Yearsly, and Hannah More -Visit to Mrs. Charles Hoare - Dr. Beddoes - Return to Ireland


Letters from Edgeworthstown to Miss Sophy Ruxton, Mrs. Ruxton, Mrs. Elizabeth Edgeworth.

Literary occupations of Maria Edgeworth: "Letters for Literary Ladies," "Practical Education" - Disturbances in Ireland: Lord Granard, The White Tooths, General Crosby's Adventure .


Letters from Edgeworthstown to Mrs. Ruxton, Miss Sophy Ruxton, Miss Beaufort.

Publication of "Letters for Literary Ladies" and "The Parent's Assistant" - Mr. Edgeworth's election to the Irish Parliament - Literary work and study: "Moral Tales," "Irish Bulls" - Madame Roland's Memoirs - Death of Mrs. Edgeworth, and marriage of Mr. Edgeworth to Miss Beaufort


Letters from Edgeworthstown, Longford, and Dublin to Miss Sophy Ruxton, Mrs. Ruxton, Miss Charlotte Sneyd.

The Irish Rebellion: Lord Cornwallis, Lady Anne Fox - Flight from Edgeworthstown to Longford - Return to Edgeworthstown -Publication of "Practical Education" - Theatricals: "Whim for Whim" - At Dublin


Letters from Clifton, Edgeworthstown, and Loughborough to Mrs. Ruxton, Miss Ruxton.

At Clifton: Sir Humphry Davy, Dr. Beddoes, Mrs. Barbauld - Death of Dr. Darwin - Literary work at Edgeworthstown: "Castle Rackrent," "Belinda,'' "Early Lessons," "Moral Tales," "Essay on Irish Bulls" - Visits of Mr. Chenevix and Professor Pictet - Journey to London


Letters from London, Brussels, Chantilly, Paris, Calais, Edinburgh, to Miss Sneyd, Miss Sophy Ruxton, Miss Mary Sneyd, Mrs. Ruxton, C. S. Edgeworth.

A visit to Miss Watts at Leicester - Journey to Paris: Calais, Dunkirk, Binges, Ghent - Madame Talma in "Andromaque" at Brussels - Palace of Chantilly - Paris: Madame Delessert, Madame Gautier, Madame de Pastoret, M. Dumout, Abbé Morellet, M. Suard, Marquis of Lansdowne, M. Degerando, M. Camille Jordan, Madame Campan, Madame Bécamier, Baron de Prony, Rogers, M. Pictet, Kosciusko - Monsieur Edelcrantz proposes to Maria Edgeworth; her feelings towards him - Buonaparte - Madame d'Ouditot and Rousseau - Rumors of war- The Edgeworths return to England - Account of a visit to Madame de Genlis.


Letters from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Black Castle, Edgeworthstown, Rosstrevor, Allenstown, Pakenham Hall, to Mrs. Ruxton, Miss Honora Edgeworth, Miss Charlotte Sneyd, Miss Ruxton, Henry Edgeworth, C. Sneyd Edgeworth, Miss Margaret Ruxton, Mrs. Edgeworth.

Visit to Lindley Murray at Newcastle - Dugald Stewart at Edinburgh - Return to Edgeworthstown - Literary work: "Popular Tales," "Leonora," "Griselda" - Marriage of Miss Pakenham to Sir Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington) - Death of Dr. Beddoes


Letters from Edgeworthstown, Black Castle, Bangor Ferry, Liverpool, Derby, Cambridge, London, to Miss Ruxton, Miss Honora Edgeworth, Mrs. Ruxton, C. Sneyd Edgeworth, Miss Sneyd, Miss Margaret Ruxton, Mrs. Edgeworth.

Publication of "Tales of Fashionable Life": Madame de Staël, Lord Dudley, Lord Jeffrey, upon - Life at Edgeworthstown: Mr. Chenevix, Miss Lydia White, Sir Henry Holland, Mrs. Inchbald, Mrs. Barbauld, Hannah More, Lady Wellington - Marriage of Sir Humphry Davy - Literary pursuits: Byron's "English Bards," Scott's "Lady of the Lake" and "Rokeby," Campbell; "Patronage," "Tales of Fashionable Life" (second series), " The Absentee" - Balloon ascent of Sadler - Journey to London: Boscoe, Dr. Ferrier, Sir Heury Holland - Visit to Cambridge and to Dr. Clarke at Trumpington


Letters from London, Malvern Links, Boss, Edgeworthstown, Dublin, Black Castle, to Miss Ruxton, Mrs. Ruxton, Miss Sneyd, Sir Walter Scott, C. S. Edgeworth.

Visit to London: Madame de Staël, Davy, Byron, Miss Berry's, Lord Lansdowne, Lady Wellington, Mrs. Siddons, The Prince Regent, Lady Elizabeth Monk, Dukes of Kent and Sussex, Sir James Mackintosh, Dumont, Sir Samuel Romilly, Dr. Parr, Malthus, Madame d'Arblay, Rogers - Return to and life at Edgeworthstown: "Early Lessons," "Popular Plays," "Harrington," "Ormond " - "Waverley " - Illness and death of Mr. Edgeworth.


Letters from Edgeworthstown, Mount Kennedy, Bowood, Epping, Hampstead, Byrkely Lodge, Tetsworth, London, Dublin, Heathfield, Canterbury, to Mrs. Ruxton, Mrs. Stark, Mrs. Edgeworth, Miss Ruxton, Miss Waller, Miss Lucy Edgeworth, Miss Honora Edgeworth.

Literary pursuits at Edgeworthstown: Miss Austen - Visits to Bowood: Lord Lansdowne, Dumont, Lord Grenville, Mr. Hare, Dugald Stewart - Death of Sir Samuel Romilly - Joanna Baillie, Watt, Campbell - London: Mill, Wilberforce, Duke and Duchess of Wellington, Lord Falmerston - Visit to Ireland - Journey to Paris


Letters from Paris, La Celle, Passy, Geneva, Pregny, Berne, to Mrs. Edgeworth, Misses Mary and Charlotte Sneyd, Mrs. Ruxton, Miss Ruxton, Miss Lucy Edgeworth, Miss Honora Edgeworth.

Paris: Duchesse de Broglie, Madame Récamier, Camille Jordan, Cuvier - Prony's anecdotes of Buonaparte - Visit to M. de Vindé's country house - A visit to the Duke of Orleans at Neuilly - Duchesse d'Angoulême, Casimir Perrier, Duchesse d'Uzès, Humboldt, Malthus - Journey through Switzerland: Dumont, M. de Staël