Colonel and Mrs. Macpherson.

I spent the rest of the summer in London. It was during this year that I became a member of the Athenĉum Club - an incalculable advantage...

Captain Fisher, who is engaged to be married to Victoria Liddell, told me that-

'When Mr. Macpherson of the Glen Truim was dying, his wife had gone to rest in a room looking out over the park, and sat near the window. Suddenly she saw lights as of a carriage coming in at the distant lodge-gate, and calling to one of the servants, said, 'Do go down; someone is coming who does not know of all this grief.' But the servant remained near her at the window, and as the carriage came near the house, they saw it was a hearse drawn by four horses and covered with figures. As it stopped at the porch door, the figures looked up at her, and their eyes glared with light; then they scrambled down and seemed to disappear into the house. Soon they reappeared and seemed to lift some heavy weight into the hearse, which then drove off at full speed, causing all the stones and gravel to fly up at the windows. Mrs. Macpherson and the butler had not rallied from their horror and astonishment, when the nurse watching in the next room came in to tell her that the Colonel was dead.'