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Hare's Books

Epitaphs for Country Churchyards (1856)

Murray's Handbook to Berks, Bucks and Oxfordshire (1861)

A Winter at Menton (1862)

Murray's Handbook to Northumberland and Durham (1863)

Walks in Rome (1871) 4 copies

Memorials of a Quiet Life (1872-6) (incl. Vol 3; photographic volume)

Wanderings in Spain (1873)

Days Near Rome (1875) 2 copies

Cities of Northern Italy (1876)

Walks in London (1878)

Westminster (1879)

Life and Letters of Frances, Baroness Bunsen (1879) 2 copies

Cities of Southern Italy and Sicily (1883)

Sicily (1905)

Cities of Central Italy (1884)

Florence (1884) 2 copies

Sketches in Holland and Scandinavia (1885)

Studies in Russia (1885)

Venice (1885) 2 copies

Florence and Venice (combined volumes)

Paris (1887)

Days Near Paris (1887)

North-Eastern France (1890)

South-Eastern France (1890) 2 copies

South-Western France (1890)

The Story of Two Noble Lives (1893)

Sussex (1894)

Life and Letters of Maria Edgworth (1894)

North-Western France (1895)

The Gurneys of Earlham (1895)

Biographical Sketches: (1895)

The Rivieras (1896)

The Story of My Life: 1834 to 1870 (1896) 2 copies

Shropshire (1898)

The Story of My Life: 1870 to 1900. (1900) 2 copies

Other Books

Negotiations for a Treaty of Peace in 1709 (1711)
by Francis Hare

The Difficulties and Discouragements Which attend the Study of the Scriptures In the Way of Private Judgement (1714)
by Francis Hare

Cromwell: His Character and Protectorate (?date)
signed by Hare

Guesses at Truth by Two Brothers (1838) 2 copies
by Julius Charles and Augustus William Hare

Mission of the Comforter and Other Sermons (with Notes) (1846)
by Augustus William Hare

Vindication of Luther Against His Recent English Assailants (1855)
by Julius Charles Hare

Sermons to a Country Congregation (1856)
by Augustus William Hare

The Alton Sermons (?date)
by Augustus William Hare

Sermons on The Lord's Prayer (?date)
by Augustus William Hare

Sickness, Its Trials and Blessings (?1856)
by Priscilla Maurice

Proverbial Philosophy (?date)
by Martin F. Tupper

Historical Memorials of Canterbury (?date)
by Arthur P. Stanley

Freifrau von Bunsen (1890)
translated by Hans Tharau

Men Were Different (1937)
by Shane Leslie

The Downfall of Augustus Hare (1945)
by Margaret Ross

In Vagrant Mood (1952)
by W. Somerset Maugham

The Years with Mother (1952) 2 copies
edited by Malcolm Barnes

In My Solitary Life (1953)
edited by Malcolm Barnes

The Water Beetle (1962)
by Nancy Mitford

Two Victorian Ladies (1969)
edited by A. R. Mills

‘I’. . . an Anthology of Diarists (1972)
by Barbara Willard

Augustus Hare in Italy (1977)
edited by Gavin Henderson

Guessing at Truth: The Life of Julius Charles Hare (1979)
by N. Merrill Distad

Augustus Hare: Victorian Gentleman (1985)
by Malcolm Barnes

Campfire Stories (1985)
edited by Bill Forgey

Augustus: Eminently a Victorian
play by James Roose-Evans

Stare Back and Smile (1989)
by Joanna Lumley

Peculiar People: The Story of My Life (1995)
edited by Anita Miller and James Papp

Tanten, Tunten, Schräge Vögel (1996)
edited by Lis Künzli

All Saints Church, Herstmonceaux (1997)