The Haunted House in Berkeley Square.

Hare's Journals, Dec 27 1872, East Sheen.

Mrs. Stuart Wortley came to luncheon. She remarked how that which was most striking in Italy was not the effect of the light, but of shadow. Into the shadows of England you could not penetrate, but the shadows of Italy were transparent; the more you looked into their cavernous depths, the more you saw there, discovering the marvels of beauty which existed there in repose.

She told us that the secret of 'the Haunted House in Berkeley Square' is that it belonged to a Mr. Du Pré of Wilton Park. He shut up his lunatic brother there in a cage in one of the attics, and the poor captive was so violent that he could only be fed through a hole. His groans and cries could be distinctly heard in the neighbouring houses. The house is now to be let for £100 the first year, £200 the second, £300 the third, but if any tenant leaves within that time, he is to forfeit £1,000. The house will be furnished in any style or taste the tenant chooses.