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Grave/Lime Pictures

Holmhurst Pictures

Hurstmonceaux Castle Pictures

Joanna Lumley's recollections of Holmhurst.

Holmhurst Area Planning
(PDF Format)

Centenary Exhibition 2003


Short Bibliography

Journal extracts
from 'Two Victorian Ladies: More pages from the journals of Emily and Ellen Hall' by A. R. Mills

Last Will and Testament

Family Tree

The Augustus Hare Society


Online Books

Please note that as Hare died in 1903 copyright has passed on all books I will reproduce here

Epitaphs for Country Churchyards (1856)

Sketches in Holland and Scandinavia (1885)

The Life and Letters of Maria Edgeworth (1894)

Biographical Sketches (1895)

The Story of My Life (1896/1900)

Selected Anecdotes from 'The Story of My Life'